Current Series

Our series this month is The Adventure Begins!      

At First Assembly of God Church you will find a community of people that Love God and Love People!  We are a Church with the Community at Heart!

First Assembly is a group of people who have come together from all walks of life that endeavors to follow Christ.  We are a Pentecostal church that knows that God can and will work miracles in every person who seeks Him.  At First Assembly you will find people in all stages and ages of life. We are a friendly and welcoming church. If you are looking for answers or if you are looking for a church home, First Assembly IS the place for you.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please call at 989.354.2955.

Worship Times

Sunday: 10:30 am Morning Worship / Kid’s Church

Wednesday: 7:00 pm Men’s/Women's Ministries, Youth Ministries and Children’s Ministries

Community Groups: Meet at various times & locations throughout the year.


 Check out our weekly bulletin here!

You can now give online!  Go to and click “online giving.” Set up a profile and you are ready to give! Anywhere or anytime!

Sunday, January 27th, is this year’s first Big Give for Life Changers.  We are asking you to give your very best “Sacrificial Offering” to help us get this year started off so that all of our ministries will have “seed funds” until the account grows over the year! We will also receive your faith promise goals concerning your faithful and consistent giving throughout the rest of the year.  How do I make a faith promise goal? After praying, you will get a sense of how much you believe that God will provide for you to give to Life Changers for the rest of the year. The Life-Changers Fund is an umbrella over the various ministries within the church, such as Missions, Building, Benevolence, Kids, Youth, etc.  Why is Life Changers so important? (1) So that fewer fundraisers will be necessary. (2) So that we can better support our missionaries, as well as other ministries within the church. (3) So that we can make stronger vision decisions.  Weekly and consistent giving assures that each ministry is properly funded.  This year we are looking for bigger and better things to take place as a result of Life Changers! We encourage you to give your tithes offering, as well as to the Life Changers Fund every Sunday.
Attend one of the following Community Groups this week!  (SUNDAY) Catchphrase in the Fellowship Hall with Dave and Pauline Burnham immediately following morning worship.  Will have Apples and Popcorn and lots of fun! (SUNDAY) Discipleship in the Fellowship Hall at 3:00pm. We are using the “Purple Book”.  Pastor has a few copies left or you may order one on Amazon. Bring a snack if you would like.  Children will watch videos on the TV. (FRIDAY) Family Night Fun with Pam Brunn from 6:00-8:00pm. In the Fellowship Hall. This Friday’s focus is "Think you can't Decoupage? Think again"!

The 10th Annual Wild Game Dinner will take place in 6 weeks (Feb 22nd and 23rd).   Our featured speaker is a well-known Christian Wild Game Event Speaker, Mike Tison. Mike will share the gospel with those present!  We are counting on your help to sell tickets, get donations as well as help prepare food, set up and clean up! Please be in prayer for this evangelistic outreach!