Current Series

Our series this month is Increase our Faith!      

At First Assembly of God Church you will find a community of people that Love God and Love People!  We are a Church with the Community at Heart!

First Assembly is a group of people who have come together from all walks of life that endeavors to follow Christ.  We are a Pentecostal church that knows that God can and will work miracles in every person who seeks Him.  At First Assembly you will find people in all stages and ages of life. We are a friendly and welcoming church. If you are looking for answers or if you are looking for a church home, First Assembly IS the place for you.

If we can be of assistance in any way, please call at 989.354.2955.

Worship Times

Sunday: 10:30 am Morning Worship / Kid’s Church

Wednesday: 7:00 pm Men’s/Women's Ministries, Youth Ministries and Children’s Ministries

Community Groups: Meet at various times & locations throughout the year.


 Check out our weekly bulletin here!

We are pleased to have Chad Deerman as our pulpit guest THIS Friday through Sunday. The revival begins Friday at 7:00pm, Saturday at 6:30pm, and Sunday morning at 10:30am.  Chad has served as both Evangelist and Pastor.  He has pastored Faith Alive Church in West Branch, MI since 2002.  The church has grown from 19 people to hundreds strong. In addition, Faith Alive has started 3 churches.  Chad is bringing 2 member acoustic worship team to lead us in worship!  Don’t miss it! Please dedicate this weekend to God!

You can now give online!  Go to and click “online giving.” Set up a profile and you are ready to give! Anywhere or anytime!

SUNDAY AT 1:00PM—2:30PM—Nate Clark is teaching music in the sanctuary. This group is for anyone who is interested in music or for those who have some skill.
SUNDAY AT 4:00PM—5:30PM—Pastor and Mari Kay are hosting True Love, Learning to Love Yourself. We are meeting in our home next to the church.
TUESDAY AT 6:30PM—8:00PM—Terry Denmark is teaching everything you need to know about going on a missions trip, including passports/visa requirements, how to make balloon critters and using your talents on the field! Join him in the Fellowship Hall.
SUNDAY AFTER MORNING WORSHIP—Steve and Donna Dean are hosting Soul Food at their home!  This group will eat lunch together and discuss pastor’s message from Sunday