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One Church, Two Locations!

 Coronavirus Update:

Hey Alpena First Assembly and Ossineke First Assembly,

As most of you know, Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer has issued a "Stay Home, Stay Safe," executive order for all Michigan residents that went into effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, lasting for at least the next three weeks.   We are continuing to have church services… online. This is  still new territory for us as a church.  Hopefully, you have been watching pastor share devotionals online at YouTube and Facebook.  The worship team will share an occasional devotion as well as your children’s team.  We want to encourage you and strengthen your faith!  We invite you to share these resources with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers!  

We are continuing to dismiss all classes Wednesday night and Sunday morning worship services until we April 13th. (Hopefully sooner).  We will let you know as soon as possible when we will meet together.  Community groups are encouraged to be creative as to how they meet.  You are encouraged to encourage one another, through phone calls, text, email, and social media. Don’t forget, it is possible to meet through Facebook groups, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom as well as other ways.   

In the meantime, be sure to like and follow us on our social media pages see all of our links below.

You may call or text pastor at 989-657-9300 or call the Church office at 98-354-2955.

We also ask that you prayerfully consider moving your giving online through the link on our website. https://alpenafirstassembly.generush.org.  We know your giving is a way to honor God and we honor that by being careful in our financial stewardship.  We will continue to be cautious moving forward.   

There are a number of questions we cannot answer at this time. How long will this season last? What will ministry and life look like going forward? How will we prioritize our resources? This is uncharted territory for us, but life does not hold any surprises for God. He does not take wrong turns. And so, like God’s people in every generation, we will trust His promises and follow his lead. That is what a life of faith looks like. Clarity will come. In the meantime, we push back on worry and fear. We stay true to our mission which is to live for Jesus and make a difference in the world.  This our opportunity to serve and share the love of Jesus!   Let’s do it with faith, hope and love!

Love you all,
Pastor Kerry and Mari Kay Clark

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Sunday morning worship services are at:

First Assembly of God Church in Alpena is opening a second, centrally located campus in Ossineke!  Why? Because we believe people are important!  We believe families are important!  We have many families that drive from Ossineke and the surrounding communities to attend First Assembly in Alpena.  We have had people who have driven from as far away as Greenbush, Harrisville, Lincoln, and Alcona to worship with us.  After much prayer, we decided, with God’s help, we would start a second campus in Ossineke!
Our first worship service is scheduled for April 5th at the Ossineke Chamber of Commerce Hall!  It is located on the corner of US 23 and Nicholson Hill Road (12011 Ossineke, Michigan) across from the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox!   

You not only have two places to worship, you also have two different service times.  Below is the service times for each campus: Here is what you can expect during a typical worship service at each location:

 campus schedules websites

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