Sun, Sep 16, 2018

ALL IN: Abandoned

This morning I am excited to talk to you about our series ALL IN! Are you ALL IN? Are you totally committed to Christ? Most people will answer with a resounding YES! However, when we look at the attendance of most churches, and the impact that churches are having on their communities…it should give us pause to take a moment…to reflect deeper! We need to humble ourselves before God and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us! So, my prayer this morning is that God would speak to each on of us! Will you allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you? Are you ALL IN? This morning I want you to know why there are so many people who are not ALL IN! Why the church in America is struggling! Why so many Christians don’t have the love, joy, peace, and victory in their lives! I may not be talking about you today, but I know I am talking about someone you know! Our topic this morning is ALL IN: Abandon!
Series:ALL IN.
Duration:38 mins 51 secs