Sun, Sep 30, 2018


Perhaps you have seen the movie Jaws. About the shark that attacks people and boats. In that movie…there is a scene where captain of the ship begins to brag about the scars he has. Then, one of the other men…on the boat, begins to brag about his scars. How he was attacked by an eel and shark. These men…have stories to tell because of the things they have been through. They were living life…not just trying to die safely! What scars do you have? Do you know what scars are? They are invitations to tell a story! Scars tell us that something happened! Probably something painful! The scars I have…came with pain! Scars also tell us that healing has taken place! Did you know if the sore spot hasn’t healed…you don’t have a scar! You are still in the healing process!
Series:ALL IN.
Duration:37 mins 6 secs