Sun, Sep 02, 2018

ALL IN: Shipwrecked

Mark Batterson, Pastor or National Community Church in Washington D.C. said, this, “Show me your convictions and I will show you your future!” That is good! Your convictions are the values you have in life that you are wholeheartedly committed to! They are more than just good ideas! Your convictions guide your life! Your convictions are things you are willing to go ALL IN for. Most of us want our lives to matter…right? Do you want your life to matter? Is that a conviction or a nice idea? What are you are willing to go ALL IN for that will make your life matter? You see…your convictions determine your difficult choices and many of your day to day choices. What convictions do you have that says that you are making a difference? That says that your life matters? I know that many of you have convictions about marriage, about serving God, giving your tithes and Life Changer offerings, serving God by serving in this church, and convictions about your family responsibilities!
Series:ALL IN.
Duration:35 mins 41 secs