Sun, Sep 17, 2017

Increase our Faith

Faith in Christ is extremely important! Your faith in Christ is your ticket to heaven…your eternal reward! Your faith in God affects every decision you make. Faith not only informs your actions it informs your reactions! The quality of the faith you have in God….is directly related to the way you live your life! Faith affects your relationships, your finances, the way you parent, the way you treat your husband or wife! The way you work at your job, your values, your opinions, the way you understand life…and death, the way you see and understand people! Everything…if your faith in Christ is NOT directing every area of your life…then today’s message is for you! If you want your faith in Christ to change your life…then this message is for you! If your faith in Christ needs a little pick me up…this message is for you! In other words…this message is for you!
Duration:42 mins 5 secs