Perhaps the 2 greatest gifts God has given us to steward is (1) our family and (2) our future! Your family will have a tremendous impact on your life. The family you grew up in and the family you have now…or the family you will probably have. You see the family you grow up in will definitely impact what kind of mate you will choose. The impact could be negative or positive. One thing is for certain...your spouse will absolutely affect your future. (2) the 2nd thing that God has given you to steward…is your future! Now…we need to understand that…HE does not tell us what our future holds! He does not tell us how long we will live. He does not tell about the struggles we will face or the victories we will have. He does not tell us what pains or joys we will experience…what our highs and lows will be…or WHY we WILL have them. Do you know what the greatest thing we can do with these 2 gifts that God has given us? We can trust God!
Duration:43 mins 27 secs