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Saved Surrender Serve
Sun, Jan 29, 2012
We are concluding our series today called Saved, Surrender, Serve! We have talked about the natural progression in our walk with God. The first step we must take is be saved or to be born again…the next step is surrender…we are to surrender everything…the longer we follow Christ, the more we realize all the stuff that we need to surrender. The final step is to serve. We honor or glorify God by serving Him. Last week we talked about serving with vision…about seeing the unseen. This week I want to share with you a message that God has burned into my heart. We must serve Him with conviction. Let me tell ya…this could be a 3-6 week message by itself!
Saved Surrender Serve
Sun, Jan 22, 2012
We are continuing our series today called saved, surrender, serve! I believe there is a natural progression in our walk with God. The first step we must take is be saved or to be born again…the next step is surrender…now we do surrender at salvation, but the longer we follow Christ, the more we realize all of the stuff we need to surrender, and the final step is to serve. Each one of us has a responsibility to serve God. The bible is very clear on where the majority of that service is to be…it is in the church…in the body. Of Course we are serving God wherever we go, but we serve Him, by serving HIS church. We are to serve God with vision.
Saved Surrender Serve
Sun, Jan 15, 2012
Surrender…at least biblical surrender is about wisdom. People surrender when they realize that what they have is not as good as what they could have. Surrender is about us understanding that going our own way leads to more pain and frustration. God never puts us in a head lock and makes us say “give” or “uncle”. He is always, always, always gently calling out to us…do you surrender yet? Are you ready to give up!
Saved Surrender Serve
Sun, Jan 08, 2012
Today’s message is surrender! Surrender is part of salvation. Surrender For some people there seems to be confusion about what surrender means. Some people think of surrendering as a not just a bad thing, but a negative thing. Most people do not want to surrender…because they think it means submission…submission is about force or control. In wrestling there are submission holds designed to say to the other person…you are too strong for me, so I give up.
Saved Surrender Serve
Sun, Jan 01, 2012
: We are starting a new series to start the New Year. The series is saved-surrender-serve: and today’s message is SAVED! Why do we need to be saved? What happens after we are saved? What is the result of being saved? What are the expectations? Have you been saved? Do you know you need to be saved? Did you know that FUEL Student ministries recently had a mock trial? They were trying to find out if there was enough evidence to convict the defendant of being a Christian. How about you/me/us? Is there enough evidence in our lives to convict us of being a Christian?
Identity Crisis
Sun, Apr 24, 2011
Identity Crisis
Sun, Apr 17, 2011
Identity Crisis
Sun, Apr 10, 2011
Identity Crisis
Sun, Apr 03, 2011
This series is about God’s people not knowing who they are. Many people are struggling with an IDENTITY CRISIS. Do you know who you are? Please use the tear off on the edge of the bulletin and answer this question…WHO AM I?
Fast Forward 2020 Vision
Sun, Mar 27, 2011
I have been praying and thinking about this message for some time. Let me tell you that at the heart of this message is you…or y’all! This message is about money. I make no apologies about talking to you about money and perhaps more importantly our attitudes and relationship toward it. We are taught many things about money and most of it is not very good. In the church, especially in the USA, the attitude toward money is not so good…at least generally speaking. Now, if you think I am going to tell you to give more, let me tell you that may or not be the outcome…it just depends on what you are giving now? However, this message is not about tithing, even though I will share a few things about tithing. This message is primarily about our relationship to money. The way we think about it, the way we use it, the way we feel about it, and how it dominates our thinking.
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