Prepartion to Launch
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Duration:40 mins 9 secs
This morning I want to talk to you about BELIEVING BIG! Is there something in your life that you need God to change? Maybe it is a child who needs to be born again, maybe it is a friend or loved one who is not serving the Lord. Maybe there is a medical report that needs a turn around. Maybe there is a financial situation…and you need God’s help! Is there something that you know…that you need to BELIEVE BIG? I am BELIEVING BIG for this church and the Ossineke Church plant. I have some personal things I am believing BIG for! This morning, I want us to learn from Bartimaeus how to BELIEVE BIG!
Prepartion to Launch
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Duration:42 mins 46 secs
Did you know that First Assembly of God church has a tag line…the tag line reflects the heart of this church. Do you know what it is? If you read the bulletin, if you read our sign on the corner…then you know…that our heart is to be A CHURCH WITH THE COMMUNITY AT HEART! Do you know what our mission statement is? It is to WIN, BUILD, SERVE. WIN people to Christ, BUILD mature disciples, and SERVE the Lord, by serving the community and the world! Did you know that? Guess what...Planting a church in Ossineke…is the fulfillment of both of those things. We are showing that we have THE COMMUNITY AT HEART! To accomplish that vision means that we have been...winning people to Christ, building mature disciples…and releasing them to serve!
Prepartion to Launch
Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Duration:34 mins 51 secs
We are continuing our LAUNCH series this morning! I have a question for you. Have you read or studied what it takes to launch a spacecraft or a rocket? It’s quite fascinating. We will discuss it more as we continue this series. Do you know what the first you need to launch spacecraft or a rocket? The first thing…the very first thing…is a desire to push the limits!
Prepartion to Launch
Sun, Jan 12, 2020
Duration:37 mins 18 secs
Do you get tired of just existing? Has your walk with God lost some of its shine…its luster? Are you just going through the motions? Do you have everything figured out? Maybe your faith walk…your walk with God…is what I call faithful and faithless. What is faithful and faithless? It is when a person is faithful…in that he or she is consistent in attending church, having some sort of prayer life, maybe even devotional time…that is faithful…and yet he or she is faithless…in that his or her life does not require faith. He or she just goes through the motions! They no longer have a deep abiding faith. This faithful, faithless life becomes more evident when challenges come their way and they struggle with their faith! There is little joy and excitement in their lives. Do you know why there is no joy and excitement? Because they are not looking forward to the future! They have not planted anything, so they are not expecting a harvest!
Prepartion to Launch
Mon, Jan 06, 2020
Duration:48 mins 35 secs
This morning, I would like to do something a little a different than preach a message. This morning I would like to give an update on where we are and where we are going. At the beginning of a new year, I like to give an emphasis or a focus to begin the new year. Today, I am not giving a new emphasis, but an old one. A really old one! How old? 9 years old. I want to talk to you about planting or launching a church.
The Wonder of Christmas
Sun, Dec 29, 2019
Duration:39 mins 41 secs
Now, celebration may sound may sound simple...but it is NOT! Celebration is an act of faith! It takes faith to celebrate when your situation does not look like…or feel like… you should celebrate! Have you ever had a situation that you were worried or concerned about? Perhaps…a financial issue, a relational issue, a health issue, or maybe it was something else.
The Wonder of Christmas
Sun, Dec 22, 2019
Duration:35 mins 36 secs
Did you know there is a difference between being a spectator and a participator? The people who participated last Sunday morning…put in an effort to give you…to give us…a gift! A gift of themselves…a gift of their talent…a gift of their desire to bless you…and most importantly…a gift to honor the Lord! They participated while many of us were spectators! Their participation brings out the Wonder of Christmas in a way that being a spectator does not!
The Wonder of Christmas
Sun, Dec 08, 2019
Duration:32 mins 37 secs
Boredom does not stem from the absence of something to do, but the absence of meaning derived from the things we already do. Boredom is a sign of a life disconnected from the sacred. A bored person is not lacking in things to do, they are lacking the ability to extract meaning from the things they do. Boredom is the opposite of words like awe, joy, and meaning…rather than…activity, busyness, or fun. Boredom can happen when even the wildest adventure is separated from meaning; it leaves us with a hollow yawn. But the simplest pleasures, in the framework of the story of God and His love, are satisfying and full of life. Boredom’s remedy is not “more to do,” but more mindfulness and remembrance of God’s active grace in and through the material world “as we do.” JP Dorsey
The Wonder of Christmas
Sun, Dec 01, 2019
Duration:22 mins 28 secs
This series… THE WONDER OF CHRISTMAS…will help you to WONDER AGAIN about…what we call the Christmas Story! What does the word WONDER mean? Well…it depends…on how it is used. So, it means…to think or speculate curiously…it means…to be filled with admiration, amazement…to be in awe…or to marvel…it means to be curious about something…and it means…to be surprised and astonished.
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