Sun, Sep 01, 2019

Engaged to Share

As most of you know, I do substitute teaching. Now, occasionally…when I am teaching a class there are a few students who are not paying attention. They are not focused on the lesson. They are bored or they are sleeping. They would rather be somewhere else! They are in class because they are forced to be there! Maybe their parents make them come. Maybe it is the law. But this is what I know…these kids are not learning, they are not growing, and they are not excited about what I am trying to teach them. How many of you have ever been that way? Now, if you take that same student and give them a video game or a tool or take them swimming, or something that gets them excited…they are no longer bored! Why? Because they are engaged! What they are doing excites them! The want to learn more! They want to do better! They want to tell their friends about their accomplishments! I fixed my car or truck or motorcycle! I reached this level in this game! You get the idea…right? They are engaged in the activity!
Duration:42 mins 52 secs